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So we ve made it to Recife on a nice condor flight with unfortunately not so nice seat neighbous that managed to keep us up for ten hours. Everyone at Recife airport is really nice though and we re now chilling in the FIFA fan zone waiting to finally leave to Rio. Note for tomorrow: Portuguese or Spanish skills can be really helpful and safe you a lot of time and nerves ;).
Night night everyone.

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Off we go...

Frankfurt airport

Happy Tuesday morning to everyone from Frankfurt airport!! It s sunny and after 5 hours of decent sleep on the floor, the bags are dropped off, we ve had a nice shower and are now waiting for departure. Thanks to Starbucks with an extra free drink and a not grumpy Rob (anymore) ;)

Have a lovely day everyone!!
Ausserdem nochmal ein ganz dickes bussi nach Hause! Ich könnte mir die tränen im zug dann doch nicht verkneifen. Ich hab euch lieb und meld mich bald. :)

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Planning, Packing, Printing

...the last few days before we re finally setting off...

so this is our first blog entry... tonight in a weeks time we ll be on our way to Frankfurt Airport and yet so far it seems to be so unreal. We have started packing, planned more things for the first weeks, booked tickets, challenged our little spanish skills and printed off everything but still I feel like we have forgotten something and it s all unreal. Trying to say good bye to everyone made the last weeks busy and it feels strange to hug friends and family, knowing it ll be the last time in a while. Nontheless we are getting more excited with every day and can´t wait to set off!

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